Forging Ahead: Buffalo Bakery

 Frozen coffee cubes

Frozen coffee cubes at the Five Points Bakery, Buffalo

Photos by John Rennison, The Hamilton Spectator

Six years ago, when Kevin Gardner and his wife Melissa opened Five Points Bakery and Toast Cafe on Buffalo’s west side, the area was frequented by prostitutes and drug dealers. The sight of the Gardner’s four daughters playing on the street out front of the bakery wasn’t typical of the neighbourhood at the time.

It’s getting to be now.
The Gardners recently sold their west side home for $80, 000 – quite a bit more than the $15, 000 they originally paid for it, even after investing $6, 500 for renovations.
Today, Five Points has moved into a larger space across the street from their original storefront. They renovated it with cash raised by crowd funding. They serve various baked goods but the mainstay in the restaurant is their fancy toasts. Dense, hearty breads served with fresh jams, cheeses and more.