Forging Ahead 2: Buffalo Brad

Buffalo-Tuesday April 08, 2015
John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator

John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator

Brad Hahn heads an organization that offers tours. John Rennison The Hamilton Spectator

Exploring Buffalo with Buffalo Brad

When Brad Hahn was in Grade 4, he wanted two things for Christmas — an architectural guide to the city of Buffalo and a ride to each of the locations in the book.

It comes as little surprise then, that at 24, Hahn is now the executive director of Explore Buffalo, a non-profit that offers tours of various historic sites and landmarks.

He got involved with the organization when he was a student at the University of Buffalo, where he majored in political science, English and geography.

His enthusiasm for his hometown earned him the nickname Buffalo Brad. It also helps with the popularity of Explore Buffalo.

Sitting in a dark office in the First Presbyterian Church, a building outfitted with authentic Tiffany stained glass, Hahn wears khakis, a leather jacket and a felt fedora with an Indiana Jones label inside.

Here, he organizes up to 20 tours weekly. Mob tours, downtown tours, mansion tours and tours of silo city — empty waterfront grain elevators that now host arts and cultural events.